About Course a'Lure

Course a'Lure is owned and operated by Cyndi Dowling. I have been obstacle lure coursing since March of 2005. Course a'Lure was conceived by Arlene Horne, with the help of her Jack Russell Terrier, Madison. My Jack Russell, Lucie, told me in no uncertain terms just how much she loved the lure course the first time she saw it. My second Jack, Dezzie, was introduced to it as a pup and she completely agreed with Lucie. It is because of their love of obstacle lure coursing that I made it my own.

My team and I have traveled with Course a'Lure many times, usually to Jack Russell Trials around the West. Jack Russells just take to lure coursing naturally; however, it is a sport that appeals to almost any dog, no matter the size, age or breed. Bring your dog to our next event to see for yourself just how much a dog can have!